10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for a PSX Webinar (Part 1)

Whether you are an existing investor or one who is planning to invest in the stock market for the first time, it’s imperative that you keep yourself updated with the current local and global economic situation. Also, you must learn about the best practices for investing money in stocks along with the the Don’ts to steer clear from. However, finding all sorts of relevant information online can sometimes be a tedious process, which is why PSX introduced its webinar series. PSX webinars serve the purpose of providing all the information investors need through a single platform.

While there are dozens of reasons to participate in PSX webinars, here are the top ten:

  1. Learn about a new product, service or opportunity

Whenever a new product or service is launched by Pakistan Stock Exchange, team PSX organizes a webinar to announce the news and to give the details of the product or service. The webinars are usually conducted by the department that brings forward the feature or product to ensure that all relevant and accurate information is presented to the audience and participants. Take the ETF launch, for example. The recently launched ETFs were covered in a detailed webinar by the PSX Products team, where hundreds of participants attended the session and asked questions about the product, to which they were duly answered to their satisfaction.

  1. Learn about an improvement PSX has applied to its system

PSX also conducts webinars to create awareness about improvements in its trading system or addition of new features in its scope of operations. A lot of times, old but most useful features are also discussed in the webinars to make the audience aware of their features and benefits. Take the DPS Webinar as an example. PSX conducted a detailed webinar in 2019 on how to use the PSX Data Portal to enable investors to be better educated and aware about the stock market.

  1. Become eligible for other upcoming webinars

A lot of people are not aware that when they sign up for a PSX webinar, they also become entitled for the upcoming webinars. What this means is that PSX’s webinar team secures the contact details of the attendees and whenever a new webinar is planned out, an exclusive invitation is sent to those participants. Thus, the attendee hears about the upcoming webinar before anybody else.

  1. Learn about previous and upcoming webinars

While the webinar presenter talks about the current topic, he/ she also gives a recap of another session which he/ she may have presented previously through the auspices of PSX. Similarly, if the speaker is scheduled to do another session with PSX in future, they also talk a little about that, which allows the attendees to learn a bit about what will be covered in the next session.

  1. PSX Webinars are FREE

The best thing about PSX Webinars is that all the sessions are provided to everyone for free. While a lot of companies, organizations and institutes charge some fees to teach about investment tips & tricks and other skills, PSX does not charge anything and always keeps the sessions free, be it targeted to students or corporates.


To be continued…