10 reasons why you should sign up for a PSX webinar (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of “Ten reasons why you should sign up for a PSX webinar” blog. Earlier we covered 5 reasons and now will be moving on to the rest:

  1. Learn about current economic situation

PSX Webinars are conducted by handpicked individuals form the finance industry. These individuals, while giving presentation on a certain topic, bring upon discussions circling around the current economic situation prevailing in the country as well as in the world. This allows webinar attendants to learn not only about the topic in discussion but also about when and how to invest, keeping the current financial scenario in mind.

  1. Learn how to invest

The core objective of PSX webinars is to brief new as well as existing investors how to invest in the stock market. While the new investors need to learn about all the investment basics from scratch, the experienced ones can always use the advanced tips and tricks that can be utilized to make better investment decisions.

  1. Learn the dos and don’ts

While learning about the dos of investments is extremely vital, knowing about the don’ts is also critical. There are many mistakes that fresh investors make and its PSX’s objective to keep them safe from making those errors. Various dos and don’ts are explained to the attendants in the PSX Webinars.

  1. Meet PSX Team

While PSX webinars are mostly conducted in collaboration with industry experts, many of the sessions are also carried out by PSX officials by themselves. This brings the opportunity to the audience to meet PSX team online and learn a little about them. Recent examples of PSX team members conducting PSX webinars include Mr. Farrukh H Khan, Ms. Raeda Latif and Ms. Asmaa Salim Malik. Previously, Mr. Hassan, Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Rafique Umer have also been part of PSX webinars as hosts or co-hosts.

  1. Get your Questions Answered

Last but not the least, PSX webinars bring opportunity for the attendees to ask questions about the on-going webinars or anything else related to investments, economy or the stock exchange, and get answers on the go. This allows viewers to not only get their queries resolved but also get the most relevant and updated answers to their queries.

So, if you have not signed up for PSX webinars yet, head to the Media Center on PSX website to see if a new webinar is on its way!