Renamed Companies

S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Habib-ADM Limited Habib Rice Products Limited 06-Mar-2020
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Ishaq Textile Mills Limited AN Textile Mills Limited 07-May-2019
2 Engro Foods Limited Frieslandcampina Engro Pakistan Limited 11-Jul-2019
3 Pervez Ahmed Securities Limited Pervez Ahmed Consultancy Services Limited 19-Sep-2019
4 Ghani Gases Limited Ghani Global Holdings Limited 25-Sep-2019
5 D. M. Textile Mills Limited D. M. Industries Limited 04-Dec-2019
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 TPL Trakker Limited TPL Corp Limited 04-Jan-2018
2 TPL Direct Insurance Limited TPL Insurance Limited 04-Jan-2018
3 Olympia Spinning & Weaving Mills Limited Olympia Mills Limited 10-Jan-2018
4 Linde Pakistan Limited Pakistan Oxygen Limited 19-Mar-2018
5 IGI Insurance Limited IGI Holdings Limited 19-Apr-2018
6 PICIC Investment Fund HBL Investment Fund - A 03-Jul-2018
7 PICIC Growth Fund HBL Growth Fund - A 03-Jul-2018
8 Singer Pakistan Limited Waves Singer Pakistan Limited 11-Jul-2018
9 East West Life Assurance Company Limited Askari Life Assurance Company Limited 16-Jul-2018
10 Karim Cotton Mills Limited Agro Allianz Limited 10-Aug-2018
11 Moonlite (Pak) Limited Bunny’s Limited 03-Oct-2018
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Dawood Capital Management Limited 786 Investment Limited 13-Mar-2017
2 Invest & Finance Securities Limited EFG Hermes Pakistan Limited 29-May-2017
3 Hallmark Insurance Company Limited Hallmark Company Limited 13-July-2017
4 S.G. Fiber Limited S.G. Allied Businesses Limited 29-Sep-2017
5 Taha Spinning Mills Unity Foods Limited 05-Oct-2017

S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Ideal Energy Limited Arshad Energy Limited 27-Jan-2016
2 First Islamic Modaraba Popular Islamic Modaraba 01-Feb-2016
3 Descon Chemicals Limited Nimir Resins Limited 13-May-2016
4 Grays of Cambridge (Pakistan) Limited GOC (Pak) Limited 08-Jun-2016
5 Noon Pakistan Limited Fauji Foods Limited 22-Jun-2016

Pakistan International Airlines Corporation

Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd

7 Standard Chartered Modaraba Orix Modaraba 01-Sep-2016
8 KASB Securities Limited BIPL Securities Limited 23-Nov-2016
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Shakarganj Mills Limited Shakarganj Limited 25-Mar-2015
2 Gauhar Engineering Limited Drekkar Kingsway Limited 29-Apr-2015
3 Colony Sugar Mills Limited Imperial Sugar Limited 08-Jun-2015
4 Safe Mix Concrete Products Limited Safe Mix Concrete Limited 15-Jun-2015
5 Lafarge Pakistan Cement Limited Pakcem Limited 18-Aug-2015
S. No. Name of CompanyNew NameDate of Change
1 Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited K-Electric Limited 03-Feb-2014
2 Latif Jute Mills Limited Associated Services Limited 15-Apr-2014
3 The Crescent Star Insurance Company Limited The Crescent Star Insurance Limited 02-May-2014
4 American Life Insurance Company (Pak) Limited IGI Life Insurance Limited 01-Jul-2014
5 Kohinoor Sugar Mills Limtied Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limtied 17-Sep-2014
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Al-Abbas Cement Industries Limited Power Cement Limited 19-Apr-2013
2 Lotte Pakistan PTA Limited Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited 26-Apr-2013
3 Aruj Garments Accessories Limited Aruj Industries Limited 04-Jun-2013
4 Arif Habib Investments Limited MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Invesments Limited 12-Jun-2013
5 Sigma Corporation Limited KASB Corporation Limited 25-Sep-2013
6 Hafiz Textile Mills Limited Hafiz Limited 08-Oct-2013
7 Shakarganj Foods Limited Nirala MSR Foods Limited 10-Dec-2013
8 Clariant Pakistan Limited Archroma Pakistan Limited 13-Dec-2013
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Central Insurance Company Limited Cyan Limited 02-Jan-2012
2 Network Microfinance Bank Limited Apna Microfinance Bank Limited 06-Apr-2012
3 Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited Crescent Cotton Mills Limited 29-May-2012
4 Searle Pakistan Limited Searle Company Limited 02-Oct-2012
5 Sigma Leasing Corporation Limited Sigma Corporation Limited 03-Oct-2012
6 Mari Gas Company Limited Mari Petroleum Company Limited 12-Dec-2012
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Eye Television Network Limited Hum Network Limited 15-Feb-2011
2 Lakson Tobacco Company Limited Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited 17-Mar-2011
3 Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited 03-Jun-2011
4 Cherat Papersack Limited Cherat Packaging Limited 19-Jul-2011
5 Javedan Cement Limited Javedan Corporation Limited 27-Jul-2011
6 Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited 07-Sep-2011
7 BOC Pakistan Limited Linde Pakistan Limited 04-Oct-2011
8 New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited 03-Nov-2011
9 New Jubilee Insurance Company Limited Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited 03-Nov-2011
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Egro Chemical Pakistan Limited Engro Corporation Limited 20-Jan-2010
2 Bosicor Pakistan Limited Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited 21-Jan-2010
3 Nimir Resins Limited Descon Chemicals Limited 19-Apr-2010
4 Arif Habib Bank Limited Summit Bank Limited 01-Sep-2010
5 Arif Habib Securities Limited Arif Habib Corporation Limited 23-Nov-2010
6 Nakshbandi Industries Limited Feroze 1888 Mills Limited 23-Nov-2010
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Pakistan Cement Company Limited Lafarge Pakistan Cement Limited 26-Feb-2009
2 Chaudhry Textile Mills Limited Ghani Value Glass Limited 11-Mar-2009
3 Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Limited SilkBank Limited 09-Jun-2009
4 Al-Asif Sugar Mills Limited Abdullah Shah Gazi Sugar Mills Limited 10-Jun-2009
5 UTP Large Cap. Fund JS Large Cap. Fund 16-Jun-2009
6 Zulfiqar Industries Limited ZIL Limited 23-Jul-2009
7 Pakistan PTA Limited Lotte Pakistan PTA Limited 31-Dec-2009
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 BSJS Balanced Fund Limited JS Value Fund Limited 09-Jan-2008
2 First Mehran Modaraba KASB Modaraba 09-Jan-2008
3 Allwin Engineering Industries Limited Atlas Engineering Limited 21-Jan-2008
4 Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited 30-Jan-2008
5 Crescent Leasing Corporation Limited Al-Zamin Leasing Corporation Limited 21-Feb-2008
6 UTP Growth Fund JS Growth Fund 28-Feb-2008
7 Metropolitan Life Assurance Company Limited East West Life Assurance Company Limited 28-Jul-2008
8 ABN-AMRO Bank Royal Bank of Scotland Limited 04-Aug-2008
9 Crescent Commercial Bank Limited SAMBA Bank Limited 28-Oct-2008
S. No. Name of Company New Name Date of Change
1 Kapoor Textile Mills Limited Salim Denim Industries Limited 21-Sep-1992
2 Credit & Leasing Corporation Crescent Leasing Corporation 5-Dec-1993
3 First Sanaullah Modaraba First IBL Modaraba 18-Oct-1994
4 Zeeshan Textile Mills Limited J. K. Spinning Mills Limited 24-Nov-1994
5 Pak Resources Insurance Co. Ltd. Dadabhoy Insurance Co. Limited 4-Jul-1994
6 First Nishat Modaraba First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba 19-Jan-1995
7 Boots Pharmaceuticals Limited Knoll Pharmaceuticals Limited 19-Sep-1995
8 BSJS & Company Limited Jahangir Siddiqui & Company Ltd. 22-Jul-1996
9 Ihsan Yousuf Spinning Mills Limited Zahidjee Textile Mills Limited 16-Oct-1996
10 Schon Spinning Mills Limited Qayyum Spinning Mills Limited 10-Jul-1996
11 Glaxo Laboratories (Pak) Limited Glaxowellcome Pakistan Limited 3-Dec-1996
12 Rafhan Maize Products Limited CPC Rafhan Limited 20-Nov-1996
13 Security Safe Deposite Compnay Ltd. AKD Securities & Safe Deposite 13-Aug-1996
14 Ghemni Leasing Company Limited Ghandhara Leasing Company Ltd. 23-Jul-1997
15 Standard Chartered Mer. Leasing Saudi Pak Leasing Limited 29-Oct-1997
16 Charsadda Sugar Mills Limited Saleem Sugar Mills Limited 1-Jan-1997
17 Hashoo Steel Industries Limited Abbas Engineering Industries Ltd. 20-May-1997
18 Hoechst Pakistan Limited Hoechst Marion Roussel 21-Aug-1997
19 Clover Foods Limited Clover Pakistan Limited 14-May-1997
20 Nasir Siddiq Corporation Limited Tariq Glass Industries Limited 14-Mar-1997
21 B. R. R. Capital Modaraba B. R. R. International Modaraba 27-Jul-1998
22 Schon Bank Limited Gulf Commercial Bank Limited 13-Jul-1998
23 Ciba-Geigy (Pakistan) Limited Novertis (Pakistan) Limited 31-Aug-1998
24 Ravi Alkalis Limited Nimir Industries Chemical Limited 26-Oct-1998
25 Ravi Resins Limited Nimir Resins Limited 21-Jan-1998
26 Natover Motor Lease Limited Natover Lease & Refinane Limited 19-Apr-1999
27 Kakakhel Industries Limited Kakakhel Pakistan Limited 25-Jan-1999
28 CPC Rafhan Limited Rafhan Maize Products Limited 20-Aug-1999
29 Dadabhoy Padube Limited Ghulam Mohammad Dadabhoy 12-Feb-1999
30 Hyesons Sugar Mills Limited Hamza Sugar Mills Limited 16-Aug-1999
31 Citicorp Investment Bank Limited Jahangir Siddique Investment Bank 4-Oct-1999
32 National Motors Limited Ghandhara Industries Limited 6-Jan-2000
33 Burshane Pakistan Limited Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited 24-Jan-2000
34 Friends Textile Mills Limited Mukhtar Textile Mills Limited 7-Feb-2000
35 Friends Spinning Mills Limited Sahrish Textile Mills Limited 19-Jun-2000
36 Reckitt & Colman Pakistan Limited Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited 25-Sep-2000
37 Heritage Insurance Company Ltd. Beema Pakistan Company Ltd. 16-Dec-2000
38 Hoechst Marion Roussel Aventis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited 6-Feb-2001
39 Gulf Commercial Bank Limited PICIC Commercial Bank Limited 12-Jun-2001
40 Cyanamid (Pakistan) Limited Wyeth Pakistan Limited 6-Aug-2001
41 Pakistan Insurance Corporation Ltd. Pakistan Reinsurance Co. Limited 6-Aug-2001
42 Prudential Commercial Bank Limited Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Limited 22-Oct-2001
43 First Providence Modaraba Guardian Modaraba 5-Nov-2001
44 Dyno Pakistan Limited Dynea Pakistan Limited 26-Nov-2001
45 WorldCALL Payphones Limited WorldCALL Communication 4-Feb-2002
46 Al - Meezan Investment Bank Ltd. Meezan Bank Limited 28-Mar-2002
47 International Inv. & Fin. Services Investec Securities Limited 16-May-2002
48 Growth Mutual Funds Limited Investec Mutual Funds Limited 13-Aug-2002
49 Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited Unilever Pakistan Limited 9-Sep-2002
50 Al-Towfeek Investment Bank Limited First Standard Investment Bank Limited 16-Sep-2002
51 Pak Apex Leasing Corp. Limited KASB Leasing Limited 30-Dec-2002
52 Glaxowellcome Pakistan Limited GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited 25-Feb-2003
53 Platinum Commercial Bank Limited KASB Bank Limited 28-Feb-2003
54 First Custodian Modaraba Investec Modaraba 7-Apr-2003
55 Aventis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited Aventis Limited 21-Apr-2003
56 Aisha Cotton Mills Limited Dawood Fibres Limited 23-May-2003
57 Prime Insurance Company Limited Progressive Insurance Company Ltd. 23-Jun-2003
58 Transpak Corporation Limited Shield Corporation Limited 18-Aug-2003
59 Pakistan Oxygen BOC Pakistan Limited
60 KASB Premier Fund Limited Pakistan Premier Fund Limited
61 FFC Jordan Fertilizer Co. Ltd. Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd. 24-Nov-2003
62 Plastobag Limited ECOPACK Limited 19-Dec-2003
63 Commercial Union Life Assurance New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited 08-Jan-2004
64 Habib Arkady Limited Habib - ADM Limited 13-Feb-2004
65 Thal Jute Mills Limited Thal Limited 08-Mar-2004
66 Dawood Leasing Company Limited First Dawood Inv. Bank Limited 19-Mar-2004
67 Nayab Spinnning & Weaving Mills Limited Harum Textile Mills Limited 18-Dec-2004
68 Legler Nafees Denim Ltd. Azgard Nine Limited 23-Apr-2004
69 Mashreq Bank Pakistan Ltd. Crescent Commercial Bank Ltd. 26-Apr-2004
70 First Grindlays Modaraba Standard Chartered Modaraba 17-May-2004
71 First Standard Investment Bank Limited Crescent Standard Investment Bank Limited 07-July-2004
72 Dawood Cotton Mills Limited Dawood Lawrencepur Limited 07-July-2004
73 ICP SEMF PICIC Growth Fund 23-July-2004
74 Allied Motors Company Limited Dewan Automotive Engineering Limited 19-Oct-2004
75 Ghani Textile Limited Ghani Automobile Industries Limited 25-Oct-2004
76 4rth ICP Mutual Fund ABAMCO Growth Fund 05-Nov-2004
77 Financial Link Modaraba Crescent Standard Modaraba 10-Nov-2004
78 Pakistan Venture Capital Limited Dawood Capital Management Limited 07-Dec-2004
79 Pakland Cement Limited Dewan Cement Limited 30-Mar-2005
80 Saadi Cement Limited Dewan Hattar Cement Limited 01-Apr-2005
81 Pak German Prefabs Limited Dadabhoy Costruction Technology Limited 05-Apr-2005
82 Essa Cement Industries Limited Al-Abbas Cement Industries Limited 09-Jun-2005
83 Bolan Bank Limited My Bank Limited 19-Jul-2005
84 Chakwal Cement Company Limited Pakistan Cement Company Limited 12-Aug-2005
85 AKD Securities & Safe Deposite Co. Ltd. AKD Capital Limited 19-Aug-2005
86 Trust Leasing Corporation Limited Trust Leasing & Investment Bank Limited 26-Aug-2005
87 Muslim Commercial Bank Limited MCB Bank Limited 14-Sep-2005
88 Aventis Limited Snofi Aventis Pakistan Limited 07-Dec-2005
89 Crescent Boards Limited Crescent Fiber Limited 03-Jan-2006
90 Muslim Insurance Company Limited Atlas Insurance Limited 09-May-2006
91 UDL Industries Limited United Brands Limited 19-May-2006
92 ABAMCO Composite Fund UTP Large Capital Fund 15-Aug-2006
93 Metropolitan Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited 03-Nov-2006
94 Raja Insurance Company Limited Hallmark Insurance Company Limited 03-Jan-2007
95 Kohinoor Weaving Mills Limited Kohinoor Mills Limited 09-Jan-2007
96 First International Investment Bank Limited IGI Investment Bank Limited 18-Jan-2007
97 Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Market Limited JS Global Capital Limited 19-Feb-2007
98 International General Insurance Co. of Pak. Ltd. IGI Insurance Limited 15-Mar-2007
99 Al-Jadeed Textile Mills Limited Shakanganj Foods Limited 29- Mar-2007
100 Trust Leasing & Investment Bank Limited Trust Investment Bank Limited 17-Mar-2007
101 B.R.R. International Modaraba B.R.R. Guardian Modaraba 18-Mar-2007
102 Askari Commercial Bank Limited Askari Bank Limited 25-Jun-2007
103 Premier Insurance Company of Pak.Limited Premier Insurance Limited 25-Jun-2007
104 Rafhan Bestfoods Limited Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited 03-Jul-2007
105 JS Abamco Limited JS Investments Limited 11-Sep-2007
106 Union Leasing Limited Standard Chartered Leasing Limited 14-Sep-2007
107 Prime Commercial Bank Limited ABN AMRO Bank (Pakistan) Limited 17-Sep-2007
108 Asset Investment Bank Limited Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited 12-Nov-2007