October 06, 2020

PSX Holds Gong Ceremony to Formally Launch ETFs

Pakistan Stock Exchange held a gong ceremony to formally launch the ETFs, namely, NIT Pakistan Gateway Exchange Traded Fund, UBL Pakistan Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund, Meezan Pakistan Exchange Traded Fund, and NBP Pakistan Growth Exchange Traded Fund. To open the trading day and to mark the launch of the four ETFs, the gong was struck by the Chief Guest, SECP Chairman, Mr. Aamir Khan. The event included speeches by various representatives of the capital market entities and memento distribution amongst those who played an important role in the launch of the ETFs.

The event was attended by the Chairman, CEO, & Board Members of PSX; Chairman and senior management of SECP; CEOs of CDC & NCCPL; CEOs of ETF Launching AMCs; Board Members & senior management of MUFAP; Chairman & senior members of PSBA; and CEOs, senior management & representatives of other AMCs, brokerage houses, and capital market entities.