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What is listing?

Listing is a procedure of offering shares of your company to the general public as equity to raise capital through the Stock Exchange.

What are the benefits of Listing?

Listing a company on the Exchange is a graduating step, enhancing the company’s official and public standing. Listed companies represent the highest standard of efficiency and profitability, creating an avenue for investors to take advantage and share the returns of the company’s growth. To begin this journey, we start by highlighting the benefits of listing on the Exchange:

  • Raise funds to finance new projects or increase liquidity for working capital needs

  • Relatively economical access to finance compared to loans from banks, specially in high interest rate environments

  • Fair Valuation of the Company by the market which is generally higher than the book value

  • Enhanced visibility, brand building and public credibility

  • Helps attract better talent and resources

  • Encourages employee commitment and long-term motivation with share schemes such as Employee Stock Options

  • Better relations with current and potential customers and suppliers, increase the opportunities for partnering with local and international companies

  • Improved risk rating by banks

  • Business continuity and succession planning

Listing Guide

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Any company that fulfills the necessary requirements can list on Pakistan Stock Exchange. Fill out this form, and we will connect with you to assess your capital raising needs, brief you on the process and guide you on your way forward.

Share your company details with us to get an initial analysis of your company from the experts of PSX. They will select the perfect product for your company and guide you in your journey to PSX.

*All information provided to PSX would be confidential and will not be shared without the consent of the entity.

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Find the listing option to suit your business requirements and goals.

Main Board

It is Pakistan’s first listing Board, with more than 500 companies listed across 36 sectors. To list on this Board, a company needs a minimum post-issue paid-up capital of PKR 200 million.

GEM Board

It is a listing platform aimed at facilitating growth-oriented businesses, whether small, medium, or greenfield businesses, to raise capital to fund their growth and expansion plans. A company is required to have a post-issue paid-up capital of only PKR 25 million to list on the GEM Board.

Debt Securities

Raise finance by issuing debt either by public placement or private placement. It involves paying fixed returns in the form of periodic payments as mark-ups and eventually returning the principal amount at the end of tenure of the debt instrument

PSX market data end of June 2023

  • 35


  • PKR 6.37 trillion

    Market Capitalization

  • 196

    Licensed Brokers

  • 36

    Number of Sectors

  • PKR 1.63 trillion

    Listed Capital

  • 524

    Listed Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Market fluctuation is an industry cycle that occurs around the world. You can apply for listing your shares now to get approval and then decide when you want to offer them to investors. As becoming listing-ready requires time, you should start the process now.

Minimum shares the companies have to put up for listing are between 5% to 25%, hence majority of the shares i.e. more than 50% stay with the major stakeholders and founders. By keeping majority shares, a company may retain its decision-making power even after listing.

It is a Code which companies must follow in structuring its Board of Directors. It includes instructions such as having at least seven directors, one female reserved seat, Chairman of Board separate from CEO and so on.

As per Companies Act, 2017, a company must pay dividend only when it incurs profit. Dividends can be disbursed in the form of cash or shares.

Create a holding company with 100% ownership which will then own majority shares of your company; also ensure that one entity does not buy majority shares.

A Minimum post issue paid-up capital of Rs.200 million is required to list on the main board.

A Minimum post issue paid-up capital of Rs.25 million is required to list on the GEM board.

This depends on the amount of funds the company needs to raise and, the interest of the investors. The company must be able to justify their specific need for capital to investors. Management must also carefully consider the degree of control they wish to retain. When a company goes public, a reasonable percentage of the shares must be publicly owned.

The company mutually agrees on an initial floor price, by agreement with their Consultant-To-the-Issue. However, consideration to the marketplace is the main factor.

You can request specific trading symbols and we will try to accommodate your choices. If none of the preferred symbols are available, Pakistan Stock Exchange will request a symbol from NCCPL. Symbols previously used by other issuers cannot be reassigned.

You can select any consultant who has been given a license by SECP.

The listing process is not really complicated. A company wishing to apply will be provided with a list of financial advisors who can assist with its preparations.

It is an official document prepared by consultant for the potential investors which contains risk factor, floor price, and the necessary information required by the investors.

Yes, you can buy back the shares of your company.

Yes, you can migrate from the GEM board to the Main Board by fulfilling the following criteria

  1. Conducting public offering of its securities as a prerequisite.
  2. Compliance with CCG requirements prescribed for GEM Board.
  3. Post issue paid up capital of the Company should be at least PKR 200 million.
  4. Have 500 shareholders excluding sponsors at the time of listing.
  5. Have been listed on the GEM Board for at least one year.
  6. The Company is not in Defaulters' Segment of PSX.

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Whether you are just gathering information for a possible IPO or Debt Listing in the future, or you are actually planning or preparing for an IPO or Debt Listing, the Business Development team of PSX is here to offer assistance.

If you have already begun preparations for an IPO or Debt Listing but want to hear from PSX directly, our team is here for you to consult with. We are ready to answer any questions regarding Debt Listing or listing of your company. If you want to know about our system and rules for IPO or Debt Listing such as listing criteria or if you are curious to know what you should do to prepare for an IPO or Debt Listing, please feel free to contact us through our website or by phone.

We also have staff available to visit prospective applicants and provide hands-on explanations of the listing process.