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Trading Right Entitlement (TRE) Certificate

PSX is inviting applications for new TRE Certificates

Pakistan Stock Exchange is inviting applications for Trading Rights Entitlement (TRE) Certificates. Business persons and entities are encouraged to apply for TRE Certificates. 15 new TRE Certificates are now available for issuance.

The TRE Certificates are available in accordance with sub section (4) & (5) of section 16 of Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration Act, 2012) as amended by the Stock Exchanges (Corporatization, Demutualization and Integration) (Amendment) Act, 2015.


Why apply for TRE Certificates?

Pakistan Stock Exchange continues to evolve on its path of progress and advancement. Numerous developments at PSX have added to the interest of investors and issuers to invest and list, respectively, on the Stock Exchange. Not only is PSX continuously digitizing its internal and external facing processes, but it is also launching new offerings & products for the benefit and convenience of all stakeholders and market participants. PSX is striving to become a world class exchange for Pakistan as it progressively meets international best practices and benchmarks.

Take advantage of the revenue streams and expand your business to diversify into new markets. Cash in on the momentum of the Stock Exchange and avail this offer by applying now for the TRE Certificate!

Eligibility rules to apply for TRE Certificates:

  • Any person desirous of obtaining a TRE Certificate must be a public or private company.

  • The entity desirous of obtaining a TRE Certificate shall also comply with all of the relevant Rules & Regulations of SECP & PSX, including Securities Brokers (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016 (SBLOR, 2016) and Chapter - IV of PSX Regulations.

  • Any person meeting the Fit and Proper Criteria under SBLOR, 2016 shall be eligible for the issuance of a TRE Certificate subject to the prior-permission from the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as required in u/r 3A of SBLOR, 2016 (excluding Trading Only & Online Only categories of Broker).

  • The company which is issued a new TRE Certificate shall get a license as a Securities Broker from SECP under the Regulations not later than six months from the date of issuance of such TRE Certificate and shall be required to commence business within three months from the date of the license as a Securities Broker as per Section 16(7) of the Act.

  • Financial resource requirements

    The applicant must comply with the financial resource requirements as prescribed in SBLOR, 2016 for the relevant category of Securities Brokers for which the application is made.

  • Fees for TRE Certificate

    A fee of Rs. 2.5 million (excluding Online Only, where the fee for TRE Certificate is Rs. 1.25 million) for issuance of new TRE Certificate and a non-refundable application processing fee of Rs. 100,000/- is required to be paid through Pay Order in favor of PSX along with the application.

  • Notice for issuance of TRE Certificates

    The Notice for issuance of TRE Certificates and the application format thereof is available at the following link: Click here