Equity Indices

KSE 100

This is the most recognized index of PSX which includes the largest companies on the basis of market capitalization. KSE 100 Index stocks has a representation of all the market sectors of PSX. The Index represents 85% of all the market capitalization of the Exchange. It is calculated using Free Float Market Capitalization methodology.

KSE 30

KSE 30 Index includes the top 30 most liquid companies listed on PSX based on Free Float methodology

All Share Index

Consists of all listed companies on PSX based on Full Cap methodology.

Islamic Indices

KMI 30 Index

KMI 30 Index tracks the 30 most liquid Shariah compliant companies listed at PSX. The companies are weighted by float adjusted market capitalization with a 12% cap on weights of individual companies.

PSX-KMI All Share Index

PSX-KMI All Share Index comprises of all Shariah compliant companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Index was developed by Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and Meezan Bank Limited.

Sectoral Indices

Oil and Gas Tradable Sector Index (OGTI)

The Tradable Oil & Gas Index tracks at least 80% free-float market capitalization of the Oil & Gas Sector.

Banking Sector Tradable Index (BKTI)

The Tradable Banks Index is based on the listed companies in the banking sector. The Index tracks at least 80% free-float market capitalization of the Banking Sector