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Shariah compliant Investment

Pakistan Stock Exchange offers a wide range of stocks and debt securities which are Shariah-compliant. With more than 50% of the market comprising of Shariah-compliant companies, PSX is the right avenue of investment for investors focused on investing according to Islamic principles of finance.

In Exchange Traded Funds, PSX offers the Shariah-compliant ETF, the Meezan Pakistan ETF (MZNPETF) which is the first Shariah-compliant ETF listed on PSX.

Pakistan Stock Exchange has indices such as the PSX-KMI All Shares Index comprising of more than 250 companies and the KMI 30 Index as benchmarks to guide investors in their Islamic investment journey. The Meezan Pakistan Index, MZNPI, tracks the Meezan Pakistan ETF.

PSX also offers Sukuks as Shariah-compliant debt securities as well as Modarabas and Islamic Mutual Funds for investors seeking to invest in Shariah-compliant instruments.

KMI 30 Index

KMI 30 Index tracks the 30 most liquid Shariah compliant companies listed at PSX. The companies are weighted by float adjusted market capitalization with a 12% cap on weights of individual companies.

PSX-KMI All Shares Index

PSX-KMI All Share Index comprises of all Shariah compliant companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Index was developed by Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and Meezan Bank Limited.

Meezan Pakistan ETF

The Islamic Index aims to track the performance of top 12 companies with highest average traded value and free float market capitalization of KMI30 Index.