December 21, 2020

PSX Holds Gong Ceremony to Honour the 3 Pakistani Companies Included in the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion List

Pakistan Stock Exchange convened a gong ceremony where the chief executives of the three companies based in Pakistan who have been recognised by Forbes struck the gong to open the trading day and to mark & celebrate the companies’ inclusion in the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion list. The three companies that made it to the list are Feroze1888 Mills Limited, The Searle Company Limited and Systems Limited.

The Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion List comprises of 200 top performing companies in the Asia-Pacific region with sales under $ 1 billion that have excelled in corporate performance. These companies are selected based on quantitative and qualitative metrics and include measures such as debt, sales, and earnings growth. The criteria for selecting the top 200 best performing companies also included geographic diversity of companies from across the region.

It is a matter of immense pride for Pakistan and for Pakistan’s capital market that the three companies are listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange and have not only added to the shareholder value but have also contributed to the economy of Pakistan. These companies are role models for other companies listed on the Exchange to emulate and excel in matters of corporate governance and financial performance. By being included in the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion list, the three Pakistani companies have not only added a feather in their caps and augmented their brand image but have also projected a positive image of Pakistan on a global level.