October 31, 2019

Visit of Students of Kinnaird College, Lahore, to PSX

A group of Accounting & Finance students from Kinnaird College, Lahore, visited the PSX regional office, Lahore, where they were given a detailed presentation about the functions & working of the Stock Exchange, the ecosystem of the Exchange and its role in capital formation in the country. The importance of financial planning and effect of inflation on savings was also highlighted. Furthermore, the students were apprised about how they can benefit from long term investment in the equity market. They were informed about the advantage of investing in blue-chip stocks and the higher returns possible from stock investment as compared to returns from other asset classes. The students were also guided on how to select stock-brokers with the help of brokers’ list and contact details available on the website of the Exchange as well as how to navigate and explore the different functions/ information available on the PSX website.

A representative from SECP (present on the invitation of PSX) outlined the role of the apex regulator with regard to the different financial sectors of Pakistan. He also briefed the participants about investor protection measures and the Jamapunji portal which is an investor education portal initiated by the SECP.