This service does not require activation and is available to Pre and Postpaid subscribers of all GSM networks in Pakistan.

SMS Services

You can view stock information at any time by sending a simple SMS to 9573 with the following keywords:

Info Required SEND MSG to 9573 Example
To begin MENU [or simply send a blank message] Output: Index (info), U Vol (Top Vol), D Vol (Low Vol), etc.
Current Index Level INDEX Output: KSE 100: 7577+40, H: 7597, L: 7513, etc.
Detailed information of only one Stock/Script Q < space > < symbol > Q POL [for POL]
Top Volume Stocks U < space > VOL U VOL
Lowest Volume Stocks D < space >VOL D VOL
Stocks with highest Price gains U < space > PR U PR
Stocks with Lowest Price gains D < space > PR D PR
Overall Market Snap MSTAT MSTAT
Check Prices of up to 3 Stocks SS < space > < symbol > < space > < symbol > < space > < symbol > “SS HBL UBL PPL” [for HBL, UBL and PPL’s stock price and volume information]
Financial News NEWS NEWS
Market if Touched: Find out if your Target Price is hit for any particular Stock MIT < space > < symbol > < space > < target price > MIT HBL 99.99 [for HBL stock] If HBL is trading at Rs.98, tden a message would be sent to customer when it hits Rs.99.99. Similarly, if HBL is trading at Rs.100, tden a message would be sent to tde customer when it hits Rs.99.99 (along witd time/date stamp).

* Charges Rs. 3 + tax

IVR Service

Listen to live market rates, by simply dialing 573 from your cell phone in the following seven languages:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Sindhi
  • Gujrati
  • Punjabi
  • Pushto
  • Balochi

* Charges Rs. 3 + tax per minute