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Five Reasons you should Participate in a PSX Investor Awareness Session

No matter if you are an existing investor or one who is planning to invest in stocks for the first time, or even otherwise, it’s important that you keep yourself updated with the current economic situation. You must also learn about the best practices for investing money in stocks as well as about the dos & don’ts to steer clear from any pitfalls encountered in stock investments. That said, finding all sorts of relevant information online can sometimes be tedious, which is why PSX conducts Investor Awareness Sessions, both physically and online.

The investor awareness initiative covers students as well as corporations and takes them through the entire process of investing in stocks. You can sign up to be a part of Investor Awareness sessions through PSX website or by contacting PSX marketing team by emailing at But if you aren’t sure of whether you want to participate in a PSX Investor Awareness session yet, here are the top 5 reasons to look at:

Learn about Present Economic Situation

PSX Investor Awareness sessions are conducted by the Investor Awareness team that has the necessary experience and skills required to guide about investing in the Stock Exchange. By the same token, they are also able to give examples based on current local and global economic scenario to better inform and apprise you regarding investing in the stock market.

Learn How to Invest

The core objective of PSX Investor Awareness sessions is to teach new as well as existing investors how to invest in the stock market. While the new investors need all investment basics from scratch and are apprised about the same in these sessions, the experienced ones can always use advanced tips and tricks given in these sessions to seek out better ways to invest fruitfully & productively in the stock market.

Learn What to Avoid

While learning about the dos of investments is extremely vital, knowing about the don’ts is also critical. There are many mistakes that fresh investors make and it is part of the objective of PSX’s investor awareness drive to keep investors safe from making those errors. Various dos and don’ts are explained to the participants in PSX Investor Awareness sessions.

Get to know PSX Team

As a participant, you get the opportunity to meet the PSX team and learn a little about them as well. Students attending these sessions usually ask PSX officials about what they do at PSX, what’s their educational background and how did they apply to acquire the jobs they are employed in at PSX. Many students show interest in joining PSX as interns. On their part, PSX officials guide these students towards the Careers page of the PSX website where they can easily apply for MT Program aka Management Trainee Program or other sources of employment at PSX.

Get your Queries Answered to

Last but not the least, PSX Investor Awareness sessions brings an opportunity to the attendees to ask questions about their on-going session itself or anything else related to investments, economy or the stock exchange, against which they get answers on the go. This allows attendees to not only get their queries resolved but also get the most relevant and updated answers to their queries.

If you are interested in participating in PSX Investor Awareness sessions, head to the PSX Website to apply for your free spot in the upcoming session.