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Investing 101:

Investing in Islamic Equity Mutual Funds

Equity markets play a key role in the economy. These markets provide capital to the companies. Islamic equity market deals with Sharia compliant stocks. In Pakistan, the people who prefer to invest in Shariah-compliant financial instruments can opt for Islamic Equity Mutual Funds.

Islamic Equity Mutual Funds

Islamic Equity Mutual Funds are part of Meezan Investment offering. The Investment of Islamic mutual funds is deployed in Shariah Compliant assets. The working of these investment are based on Islamic principles that is; they are free of Gharar( speculation) and Riba (interest).

Islamic Equity Mutual Funds ensures that the secured funds are invested in Sharia-compliant assets only. As similar to Conventional equity funds, Islamic Equity Funds also ensures transparency, financial screening, liquidity and diversification. Thus, the investors do not only have the benefit of halal investment, but also the financial competency and efficiency of the investment.

The webinar was held on 8th Oct, 2021. The webinar included the details of Islamic financing options offered by Meezan Bank. The speaker spoke about different Islamic and conventional equity funds. He also spoke about the benefits of investing into Islamic equity instruments. Apart from explaining the purposes and benefits, the speaker also answered all the questions asked by the attendees

The webinar was directly broadcast through PSX social media platforms and via zoom meeting. A lot of queries appeared in the comments sections. These were either addressed during the webinar or answered later via email.

Webinar Outline

The webinar was based on the following pointers, on which the speaker talked about in detail:

  • Landscape of Islamic Mutual Funds
  • Growth of Islamic AUMS Vs Conventional
  • Introduction to Al Meezan Investments
  • Difference between Islamic and Conventional Equity Funds
  • Introduction and Return Comparison of Islamic Indices

Webinar Presenter’s Background

The session was conducted by Mr. Mohammad Asad on 7th October 2021. Mr. Mohammad Asad is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Al Meezan Invetments. He has expertise and experience in various business areas including credit analysis and investment management. He has 24 years of experience in the capital market of Pakistan. He has also worked as marketing head in leading financial institutions including State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, ANZ Grindlays Bank, Metropolitan Bank Limited and A.F. Ferguson & Company.

About PSX Webinars

PSX Webinars are designed to create investment awareness among potential investors residing in Pakistan as well as overseas Pakistanis. These webinars are created keeping the most commonly asked questions in mind for each investment related area. Team PSX note the questions and arrange the seminars to educate the investors and general public.