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Investing 101:

My Portfolio

Pakistan Stock Exchange’s ‘My Portfolio’ is a dynamic, educational, real-time based virtual trading platform. This web-based trading platform is designed for students, employees, business persons, market enthusiasts and the general public who wish to learn more about and practice investing. It is an ideal tool enabling creation of different portfolios and seeing the results of investment strategies in the stock market. To put it briefly, users of this platform can learn about the commissions & deductions, stocks & their symbols, and dividends, among other aspects of investing on the stock market. Through this tool, participants will also learn about their portfolio dashboard, diversification, and gauge their profits and losses.

My Portfolio is a risk-free way to learn about investing in stocks, thereby engaging in this productive activity with no cost and in a safe way. Learn how to build a virtual portfolio of stocks and how to subsequently track it through the dashboard of My Portfolio. Here you can add on an existing portfolio, add a new portfolio, buy & sell shares, and track your portfolio position with ease. Following are some tips and guidelines on using My Portfolio.

To use My Portfolio, click on ‘My Portfolio’ on the menu bar at the top of the Data Portal. To begin, create an account & sign up by adding your basic information and set up a password.

Next, create your first portfolio. Add in the name of the portfolio, specify the cash amount you want to virtually deposit against your portfolio, the tracking date of the portfolio, and a brief description of the type of portfolio this is going to be, whether it’s a portfolio focused towards capital gain, dividend income or any other form as per your preferences.

Upon clicking on Create Portfolio, your portfolio will be created showing a dashboard with your cash position. Now you can start adding shares or stocks to your portfolio by clicking on Make A Trade.

For the Buy Transaction, enter the symbol name of your selected stock pick, transaction date through the drop-down calendar, the stock quantity to be purchased, as well as the share price. The share price can be entered manually or fetched automatically. Then enter the brokerage fee as per your preference.

After Submitting the Buy transaction, you are presented with your portfolio position. Here you are shown the portfolio dashboard, the portfolio trend, the breakdown or graphical presentation of your portfolio as well as a tabular display of your portfolio. Through Make A Trade, you can enter multiple buy and sell transactions.

For the Sell transaction, select a symbol of your stock pick, the transaction date through the drop- down calendar date, and the stock quantity for sale. Next, enter the share price you want to sell the shares at and the brokerage commission.

After submitting the Sell Transaction, your portfolio position is again presented to you incorporating the latest position of your portfolio of shares. Here you can see the details of your portfolio in terms of today’s returns, total return or gain/ loss, market value of equities, cash balance as well as total portfolio value. The portfolio trend shows the daily return chart of your portfolio. It is updated at the close of each trading day. The pie chart on the right of the portfolio trend shows the distribution of your portfolio in terms of equities and sectors. At the bottom, you are shown your portfolio position in a tabular form, with the Summary displaying the quantity of shares, average cost, current price, gain/ loss and the weight of each holding in the portfolio. Through the Transaction History, you will be able to track your transaction history on different dates.

You can also create multiple portfolios in similar way and switch between your portfolios. My Portfolio is a comprehensive tool enabling you to participate in stock trading and investment with zero risk and zero loss possibility. It is an extremely useful tool designed to help you understand investing on the stock market in a complete and productive way.