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PSX Webinar: Raising Capital Through Listing on PSX

Pakistan Stock Exchange continues the trend it has set of holding successful webinars with yet another session taking place recently. The latest webinar’s topic was ‘Raising Capital through Listing on PSX’ and it was carried out on April 30, 2020. The subject of the webinar discussed raising capital through listing on PSX, its advantages and processes. The webinar was the 17th of its series and was conducted through the Zoom platform. It was free to attend for anyone and everyone who wanted to learn about the PSX Listing basics, benefits and processes thereof

The webinar was conducted by PSX General Manager, Marketing & Business Development, Ms. Raeda Latif. She has previously been part of webinar on Covid-19 impact and disaster recovery management, along with the PSX MD. She holds 20 years of experience in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Brand Building, Corporate Communications and Digital Strategy. Ms. Latif has held senior positions at various corporates including Faysal Bank Ltd, UBL Fund Managers, PMEX, IGI Financial Services, Union Bank, Cyber Internet Services and Habib Oil Mills.

The webinar lasted more than an hour and covered a lot of important aspects of listing. Following is the outline of the webinar:

  1. Importance of capital for businesses
  2. Methods to raise capital
  3. Pakistan Stock Exchange – platform to raise capital through listing
  4. Benefits of listing on PSX
  5. Busting the myths regarding listing
  6. Instruments on PSX for raising capital
  7. Stakeholders in the listing process
  8. Q&A

As mentioned above in the outline, the webinar also included a thorough Q&A session. Ms. Latif answered all the queries regarding the topic using her experience and expertise.

About PSX Webinars

PSX Webinars are designed to create investment awareness among potential investors residing in Pakistan as well as overseas Pakistanis. These webinars are created keeping the most commonly asked questions in mind for each investment related area. Team PSX notes the questions they commonly receive on how to choose a brokerage firm to opening an investor’s account, what forms to fill, which avenues to invest in and so on.

The recording of PSX Webinar#17: Raising Capital Through Listing on PSX has been made available on the PSX YouTube channel as well as on the website. The PPT presentation of the same can be acquired by emailing at as well.