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Investing 101:

PSX’s Investor Awareness Sessions

As part of its Financial Literacy Initiative, PSX holds Investor Awareness Sessions to educate the general public about the basics of financial literacy and investing in the stock market. These sessions are held either in-person (for various groups) or through the digital platforms in the form of webinars. The sessions include workshops for spreading awareness about the importance of the stock market in the economy and its role in capital formation. These sessions are very informative and essential learning tools regarding stock market and basics of financial literacy for the general public.

The sessions and workshops are customised to the different audience profiles and their level of understanding. The audience profile varies from students, employees of corporates & other organisations, self-employed persons, housewives to other members of the general public who can greatly benefit from these sessions. These sessions are held for educational institutions, corporate organisations, chambers of commerce and industries, professional bodies and associations, among others.

In essence, PSX’s Investor Awareness Sessions aim to increase public understanding of financial planning, saving & investing, stock exchange functions, and their relationship to capital formation. The various operations that fall under the ambit of the Exchange are explained to the participants of the sessions. The different asset classes available for investment are also highlighted to the participants. Moreover, the significance of listing and its importance in enhancing the visibility and reputation of a company are also discussed in the sessions.

In the current economic situation, where there are many financial challenges to face, it pays to utilise this time fruitfully and learn about the basics of financial planning, investment and the capital markets. This knowledge can enable participants to save and invest productively. Pakistan Stock Exchange’s Investor Awareness Sessions are a useful resource for everyone to benefit from by augmenting their financial knowledge. These sessions are mostly free of cost and are a sound contributor to increasing basic financial knowledge and understanding amongst the general public.